Let Us Maintain Your Vehicle

Let Us Maintain Your Vehicle

Arrange for a tire rotation in Shreveport, LA

Don't let your tires end up with uneven wear. You can bring your car to Wholesale Tire Company for the tire rotation you need. We'll switch your tires around to make sure that you have balance and stability when driving.

If you purchased tires online and need them installed, come to us. We can mount and balance the tires you bought to make sure they're on your car the right way. We can also perform alignment services for farm equipment.

Call now to discuss the tire rotation you need in Shreveport, LA.

Get rid of your old, worn-down brakes

Over time, your brake pads can become very thin with regular use. We’re here to provide the brake replacement you need. If you need new brakes, come to our auto shop. We’ll take care of everything.

You’ll know you need new brake pads when you notice:

  • Squealing or screeching sounds when you brake
  • Deep metallic grinding and growling noises
  • Indicator lights on your dashboard
  • Your brakes are less responsive to pressure

Contact us today to set up a brake replacement in Shreveport, LA.